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Must Read Bodybuilders

1. Remember the weight is a resistance that helps you contract the muscle. What is important to your progress is not how much weight you manage to move, but how hard you c...ontract the muscle.
2. Many safety guides tell you to always use a spotter. Doing so is not possible for some people, and others try to show off for their spotters. Rather than rely on someone to rescue you from bad training habits, use proper technique.
3. Don't hold your breath, unless you are trying to move the weight to a safety point and there is no other way to get it there. In such a case, you have done your last rep at that weight.
4. Don't use a cheap bench. While benches are not generally expensive, the cheapest ones are flimsy and can put you in danger. Use a bench that is of sturdy construction. Most are. Also, look for decent padding and a wide enough bench part for your body.
5. Always put your weights away. A sure way to get injured is to leave weights out. This is why bodybuilders are downright anal about this.
6. Use collars and other devices as appropriate.
7. Don't overtrain. Working the whole body in one day or working the same body part three times a week is overtraining. So is doing huge numbers of sets. Doing huge numbers of reps is simply pointless.
8. Never do isolation exercises first. These "use up" your stabilizer muscles. For example, don't do leg extensions before doing squats. That brings up another point--if you do squats correctly, you will notbe able to do leg extensions. Do flyes after presses--always.
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